Advances in Neuroimaging
by The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives
Published annually, the Progress Report describes the top findings in brain research during the previous year affecting areas such as disorders of development, aging, and movement, as well as mental and thought disorders.

New Master Program

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“Offline spike sorting approaches are currently used to detect and sort action potentials after finishing the experiment. Because the opportunities to record from the human brain are relatively rare, it is desirable to analyze large numbers of simultaneous recordings quickly using online sorting and detection algorithms. In this way, the experiment can be optimized for the particular response properties of the recorded neurons.”
Online sorter
A Matlab implementation of an online spike sorting algorithm. The software was implemented at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA, by Ueli Rutishauser, E.M. Schuman, A.N. Mamelak.

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Neurophysiology is a study of neurons, nerves, and nervous systems, what they do and how they do it. A neuron is a cell that is specialized in two of the fundamental properties of living matter, namely excitability and conductivity. Excitability is the ability to respond to changes in the environment.
Neural network modeling

By Michael D. Mann, Ph.D.,
from the Internet version of his textbook “The Nervous System In Action”.

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Can bioengineering immitate the analog to digital conversion performed by our inner ear?
How do organs such as the inner ear deal with the imprecision of analog computing?

Fly like a Fly

If analog computing is so marvelously efficient, why is almost every electronic system you come accross digital?
Do brain cells share interesting characteristics with subthreshold transistors and how can it be effectively used?
By Rahul Sarpeshkar, IEEE’s Spectrum Issue May 2006

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