Neurodebian – the Debian Neuroscience Repository

NeuroDebian aims to provide a turnkey software platform for nearly all aspects of the neuroscientific research process.

The Neurodebian repository provides mostly neuroscience-related packages to be used on Debian systems (or Debian-derivatives like Ubuntu). It contains both unofficial or prospective packages which are not (yet) available from the main Debian archive, as well as backported or simply rebuilt packages also available elsewhere.

NeuroDebian developers were already packaging and maintaining neuroimaging (e.g. FSL, Voxbo) and stimuli delivery (e.g. PsychoPy) free and open-source software (FOSS) for the Debian operating system, which maintains the world’s largest archive of integrated FOSS products.

Please visit Neurodebian home page for details accessing the repository.

Neurobot hosts an active mirror of the NeuroDebian repository, located in Greece*.

* Neurobot is currently hosted at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, featuring 10 Gbps Internet access through GRNET and GEANT

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