The Imperial startup won first prize after it outperformed competitors in an international competition to find the best machine learning technologies for identifying brain states and behavioural intentions using brain waves.

The BEETL AI Challenge for EEG Transfer Learning competition, sponsored by Facebook Reality Labs, was held as part of the prestigious NeurIPS 2021 machine learning conference. It sought to identify the global teams and companies that have the best machine learning technologies for accurately identifying brain and mental states from electroencephalogram (EEG) data.

Cogitat demonstrated a clear advantage over competitors in the competition’s tests, which involved interpreting EEG data on sleep and motor intentions. In a field of over 110 teams from academia and industry, Cogitat achieved 1st place in the motor imagery decoding task with a sizeable margin over the competition – a 5% difference from second place and 16% from third place – and 1st place overall in the competition.

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