The 2nd Edition of “Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience” (O’Reilly & Munakata, 2000) is available as a free wiki textbook.

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Best of the Brain Best of the Brain from Scientific American
Mind, Matter, and Tomorrow’s Brain
By Floyd E. Bloom
Dana Press
For the Scientific American readers, it was a hidden desire. For the collectors, it’s just a must have. For all the rest, just ask yourselves if the following topics in question look familiar.

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In 1969 DARPA launched the DARPA Internet Program, the ancestor of today’s Internet. Could neuroscience be today’s bet?
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Nowadays security establishments’ investment in neuroscience is extensive and growing, while the effects of chemical compounds on the nervous system seems to be a key point in this scene.
At the same time new questions arise;
How do developments in neuroscience affect national security?
Which are the ethical and policy issues that emerge from this relationship?
Under what circumstances does military-funded technology bring positive results to society?

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The brain is probably the most important and yet mysterious organ of the human. As a major home health reference on the brain, Dana Guide to Brain Health “emphasizes how the latest scientific findings are being translated into actual treatment of people in pain or puzzlement”. A group of prominent scientists and clinicians in United States in the field of neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry, was assembled to contribute to this excellent book. This high-quality illustrated resource contains useful information and advice on how to care for our brain from birth until adulthood.

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