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The brain is probably the most important and yet mysterious organ of the human. As a major home health reference on the brain, Dana Guide to Brain Health “emphasizes how the latest scientific findings are being translated into actual treatment of people in pain or puzzlement”. A group of prominent scientists and clinicians in United States in the field of neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry, was assembled to contribute to this excellent book. This high-quality illustrated resource contains useful information and advice on how to care for our brain from birth until adulthood.

Concise and comprehensive in over 700 pages, the book adequately covers the brain’s development, health and disorders. Perception, motoneurons, sensory feedback information and peripheral nervous system elements are integrated with the corresponding brain references into functional behavior.
Also brain diseases, damages and mental illnesses are being analyzed providing useful abstract scientific information to a wide audience. Dyslexia, sleep disorders, epilepsy, vertigo, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathies, nervous system injuries, Alzheimer’s disease are only few of the exciting topics explored.
Moreover, educators may also find this book useful, since it can be used as an educative tool and it can help with the preparation of slides using many of the impressive line-drawings and interactive images.

Finally academics that operate in cross-disciplinary fields related to bioengineering, neural engineering, biomedical engineering can benefit from the abstract nature of this book. Since the book does not show a detailed medical physiology orientation that would strictly fit to a medical school, it can be easily used as a reference for introductory lessons to young cross-discipline students from IT & engineering fields.
Dana Guide to Brain Health has four sections analyzing 72 major illnesses of the brain. It contains a glossary, a list of medications used in the treatment of brain diseases and supplementary readings for those who want to go in depth. An exciting CD abounds with interactive images, line drawings, and an easy to search e-index.

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