2nd Annual EPFL Life Sciences Symposium
“Neuroscience: Molecules, Systems, and Diseases”
August 29 – 31, 2007 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Organized by the EPFL School of Life Sciences http://sv.epfl.ch and coordinated by the Brain Mind Institute http://bmi.epfl.ch
Location: EPFL Campus, Auditorium SG1 in building SG http://plan.epfl.ch/index.html?alias=SG&view=36
Topics and Confirmed Speakers:
1. Synapses and Networks : Thomas Südhof, Rob Malenka, Misha Tsodyks, Jon Kaas
2. Neurodegeneration : Frank LaFerla, Ted Dawson
3. Genes and Psychiatry : Michael Meaney, Christina Alberini, Ahmad Hariri, Jean-Louis Mandel
4. Sensory Perception : Keiji Tanaka, Charles Gilbert, Ranulfo Romo
5. Consciousness : Steven Laureys, Larry Weiskrantz, Shaun Gallagher
For more information see: http://lifesciences2007.epfl.ch
Contact: brain_mind@epfl.ch
On behalf of the scientific committee,
Pierre Magistretti
Co-director Brain Mind Institute

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