Applications are invited for several opening positions for both
postdoctoral and predoctoral researchers to work at the Laboratory for
Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience (Lab Head: Hiro Nakahara), RIKEN
Brain Science Institute.

Research activities include in particular the
following topics:
1. Computational modeling of mechanisms of decision making and motivated behavior, e.g. using reinforcement and statistical learning, and decision theory.
2. Experiments in psychophysics and fMRI to study the above as well as
topics in neuroeconomics and neural decoding.
3. Computation, coding and dynamics of neural populations and local
neural circuits.
4. Theory and analytical tools for a new era of massive neuroscience
data in experiments (e.g. from multiunit recording, calcium imaging and fMRI).
* Please refer to for details of research and available positions.
For most of the research conducted by the laboratory, a strong
theoretical background is expected, though for studies in psychophysics and fMRI experiments this requirement can be relaxed. Good computer programming skills are also expected. The successful applicants will be expected to conduct independent research as well as work closely in a team; thus, a good balance of independence and collegiality is required. Good communication skills are also essential.
The RIKEN Brain Science Institute is located near Tokyo, Japan (working language is English). Starting salaries will be commensurate with relevant ability and experience. Subsequent contracts, including revised salaries, will be determined and renewed annually, upon review, for up to five years.
Please send your application to with the
following, (1) a cover letter specifying the job opportunity you are
interested in, (2) curriculum vitae including publications list, (3)
research statement describing your past achievements and future
interests, (4) the names and contact information of two or three
references with a brief description of your relationship to each
reference, and (5) (optional) any additional information you think might be useful (e.g. additional skills and background, general interests, and so on).
Hiro Nakahara
Lab for Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience
RIKEN Brain Science Institute

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