Closing the gap between neurophysiology and behaviour:
A computational modelling approach

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
May 31st-June 2nd 2007
Call for Attendance
This workshop is part of a series of published colloquia on ‘Advances in cognitive neuroscience’, held at the Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre, University of Birmingham. The general aim of the workshop is to bring together leading international researchers either using computational models, or collecting data directly relevant to models, to discuss the current state of the art, and to evaluate new directions in in the interaction between models and data.

Aims and Objective
At present modelling approaches range from “neurophysiological processes in details and indifferent to whole-system behaviour” to “modeling a broad range of behavioural data but oblivious to neurophysiological details”. However, in order to close the gap between neurophysiological process and human behavior it may be necessary to connect both ends of that spectrum, such as modelling a broad range of behavioral data together with neurophysiological details. This workshop aims at discussing ways of closing the gap, i.e. how to develop an integrative approach, by bringing together computational modelling researchers from different points of the spectrum. A number of internationally renowned researchers have agreed to present a paper at this workshop (see for details).
For further inquiries and registration please email the conference secretary, Elaine Fox
Please note that to cover our expenses we will charge a small registration fee of £ 30 per day to be paid at arrival.
Satellite workshop
Please note that there will be also a satellite workshop with the title “The method of computational modelling: A practical introduction”. This workshop aims to give postdocs and postgraduates with a background in psychology a hands-on introduction to computational modelling (see for details).
Confirmed Speakers
Gustavo Deco (University of Barcelona), Mike Denham (University of Plymouth), Karl Friston (University College London), Glyn Humphreys (University of Birmingham), Laurent Itti (University of Southern California), Zhaoping Li (University College London), Mike Mozer (University of Colorado), Rob Ward (University of Wales Bangor), Simon Thorpe (Université de Toulouse), Howard Bowman (University of Kent), Bruce Graham (University of Stirling), Aaron Sloman (University of Birmingham), Alessandro Treves (International School for Advanced Studies, (SISSA), Trieste), Dirk van Rooy (University of Birmingham), Kevin Gurney (University of Sheffield), Thomas Trappenberg (Dalhousie University)..

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