Brain-computer interface for stroke rehabilitation in the home environment at University of Twente and Hospital Medical Spectrum Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands, in the framework of the national dutch project Braingain.
The Braingain-project aims at collaborative, highly multidisciplinary
research between 5 universities and a number of companies, in the areas Brain-Computer Interfacing and Brain Stimulation.

The vacancy resides in the group Biomedical Signals and Systems, Chair
Neurotechnology, Departments Electrical Engineering and Technical Medicine and Institute for Biomedical Technology.
The project will focus on neural dynamics in acute stroke patients, with an emphasis on motor and language re-learning. At present, our knowledge about the various processes that occur as a manifestation of neural plasticity, including the relation to the EEG and potential targets for rehabilitation, is limited. The project aims to develop a clinical stroke model, that captures various of these elements.
The major practical challenge is to improve rehabilitation of stroke
patients by EEG-feedback of neural networks that are presumed relevant for re-learning using an in-home BCI-setup.
PhD student (4 years)
What we expect:Recent MSc diploma in electrical or biomedical engineering/(bio)physics. Good expertise in neurophysiology (lab and clinical) experimentation and mathematics/signal analysis/classification methods/simulation is necessary. Good skills regarding communication with patients is a plus.
What we offer:
We offer a full-time position with a maximum duration of 4 years. The
gross salary for the PhD student will range from € 1956 in the first year to € 2502 per month in the fourth year, according to the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.
Information and application
For information and application you may contact : Prof. dr. Wim L.C.
Rutten,, or Dr.Ir. M.J.M.M. van Putten,

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