The Blue Brain Project is hosting a satellite meeting just before the FENS 2008 meeting at the PalEXPO center in Geneva, Switzerland, from July 10-11, 2008.

Registration for this meeting is now open with a limited number of spaces available. It is recommended to register as soon as possible as registration will close as soon as the available spaces are filled. Register at
A limited number of poster spaces are also available for presenting relevant research. Please submit an abstract to by June 15th.
The Blue Brain Project: Reverse-Engineering Biological Intelligence
Biological intelligence exists in the organizing principles of biological networks, from gene regulatory networks, to signaling and metabolic networks, to the complex neural circuitry of the brain. Reverse-engineering in systems biology has traditionally focused on the reconstruction of these networks within individual cells based on measured data of the genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome.
In computational neuroscience, reverse engineering has focused on networks of cells in the brain. However, reverse-engineering efforts must seek and characterize the organizing principles across all types of biological networks. In order to achieve this level of reverse engineering, industrial scale efforts are required to systematically gather biological data and assemble computational models to explore the solutions biology has engineered to build living cells and produce intelligence.
The Blue Brain Project invites you to join an open discussion on future directions in reverse engineering large-scale biological systems, with presentations from world experts in systems biology, simulation and computing. This meeting will also provide a unique opportunity to hear from the Blue Brain team itself, with presentations on the tools and workflow of reconstructing and simulating the neocortical column.
Day 1: Reverse Engineering Biological Intelligence
A group of experts in systems biology and neuroscience present their visions for the future of large-scale systems biology efforts.
Confirmed speakers:
Henry Markram – Blue Brain Project and Brain Mind Institute, EPFL
Michel Baudry – Rhenovia and University of Southern California
Mark Ellisman – UCSD
Mark Potse – University of Montreal
Thomas Bartol – The Salk Institute
Gustavo Stolovitzky – IBM Research
Day 2: Morning: Grand-Challenge Computing for Neuroscience
The day starts out with a review, by the experts in their fields, of the grand challenge problems in databasing, modeling, simulation, visualization and computing architectures for systems biology and
Confirmed speakers:
Felix Schuermann – Blue Brain Project
Michael Hawrylycz – The Allen Institute
Alan Gara – IBM Research
Day 2: Afternoon: Blue Brain Workshop
An in-depth look at the current Blue Brain Project toolchain and calibration process.
Confirmed speakers:
Michael Hines – Yale University
Shaul Druckmann – Hebrew University
Imad Riachi – Blue Brain Project
Sean Hill – Blue Brain Project

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