Neurosciences Graduate Training Program – University of California, San Diego
The Computational Neurobiology Specialization is a new facet of the broader Neuroscience Graduate Program at UCSD. The goal of the
specialization is to train the next generation of neuroscientists with
the broad range of computational and analytical skills that are
essential to understand the organization and function of complex
neural systems.
The specialization is intended for students with backgrounds in neuroscience, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology,
computer science, engineering, and mathematics.
The specialization allows Neuroscience students to concentrate on a
focused program of rigorous course work in both the theoretical and
experimental aspects of computational neuroscience. Students are
encouraged to pursue thesis research that includes both an
experimental and a computational component, often arranged by the
student as a collaboration between two research groups. Upon
achievement of degree requirements, students will receive a diploma
indicating both their successful completion of the broader
Neuroscience Program as well as their specialization in Computational
The program is focused on these major themes relevant for
computational neuroscience research:
Neurobiology of Neural Systems – the anatomy, physiology, and
behavior of systems of neurons, with emphasis on basic phenomenology.
Advanced Measurement Tools in Neuroscience – Advanced imaging and
recording techniques reflecting the impact of experimental physics on
Algorithms for the Analysis of Neural Data – New algorithms and
techniques for analyzing data obtained from physiological recording
Theoretical Basis for Collective Neural Dynamics – A synthesis of
approaches from mathematics and physical sciences as well as biology
will be used to explore the collective properties and nonlinear
dynamics of neuronal systems.
On-line applications:
The deadline for completed application materials, including letters of
recommendation, is December 15, 2008.

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