NeuralEnsemble is a multilateral effort to coordinate and organise Neuroscience software development efforts into a larger meta-simulator software system, a natural and alternate approach to incrementally address what is known as the complexity bottleneck, presently a major roadblock for neural modelling.

NeuralEnsemble hosts Trac/Subversion servers for a number of open-source neuroscience tools:
a Python package for simulator-independent specification of neuronal network models. In other words, you can write the code for a model once, using the PyNN API, and then run it without modification on any simulator that PyNN supports (currently NEURON, NEST and PCSIM).
a set of tools written in Python to manage, store and analyse computational neuroscience simulations.
an experimental branch of the NEURON code-base, focused on improving and extending the integration of the Python programming language into NEURON.
FACETS extensions to NeuroML towards declarative specification of large-scale network simulations.
OpenElectrophy is a tool written in Python and based on a MySQL database for organising, computing, and visualising neural data from intra- and extra-cellular recording. It can be used, for example, both for studying spike and local field oscillations.
Visit the project’s page here

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