Call for applications: The Hippocampus and Navigation
31 March – 4 April 2008
Champalimaud Foundation Neuroscience Program
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
Oerias, Portugal

This intensive, week-long course will explore one of the most intensively investigated and fascinating regions of the mammalian brain, the hippocampus. Leading researchers will provide background on classical and contemporary views of this structure, ranging from the microcircuit to the behavioral level. Topics of focus will include the anatomy and physiology of the hippocampal formation, navigation and spatial processing, neural maps and memory, and cortico-hippocampal replay of neural activity. The integration of experimental and theoretical/computational approaches will be emphasized. Tutorials and seminars will be complemented by debates, focus lectures and discussions. A final symposium will address the future of hippocampal research. A list of instructors is below; full schedule information is available at
Up to 10 places available for students for this course. Applications are especially encouraged from doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows with some general background in neuroscience. There will be no tuition charge but students will be expected to pay their own travel, board and accommodation. The course runs as part of the Gulbenkian-Champalimaud Neuroscience Program (PGCN), an PhD program in the biological bases of behavior. Logistical assistance for local accommodation will be provided. Further logistical information is available at the course web site.
Applications should be sent to Miguel Remondes (remondes@MIT.EDU) and include a CV, names and email of 2 references, and a short statement of interest (max 500 words).
Application deadline is 24 February, 2008.
Course organizers:
Miguel Remondes (MIT)
Mate Lengyel (U Cambridge)
Program director:
Zach Mainen (CFNP, IGC)
Course instructors:
Francesco Battaglia (U Amsterdam)
Sue Becker (McMaster U)
Verner Bingman (BGSU)
Neil Burgess (UCL)
József Csicsvári (U Oxford)
Anthony Dickinson (U Cambridge)
Howard Eichenbaum (BU)
Fred Gage (Salk I)
Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL)
Mike Hasselmo (BU)
Stefan Leutgeb (Trondheim)
Ole Paulsen (U Oxford)
Cosme Salas (U Sevilla)
Wendy Suzuki (NYU)
Alessandro Treves (SISSA)
Nachum Ulanovsky (Weizmann I)
Matt Wilson (MIT)
Menno Witter (Trondheim)
Sponsored by:
Champalimaud Foundation
Gulbenkian Foundation

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