The Institute of Neuroinformatics at UZH-ETH Zurich announces an opening for a PhD position. The mission of the Institute is to discover the key principles by which brains work and to implement these in artificial systems that interact intelligently with the real world.

The aim of this project is to develop a real-time active vision system by interfacing neuromorphic VLSI selective attention chips to neuromorphic sensors and robotic actuators. The neuromorphic chips model the properties of biological systems down to the single neuron and synapse dynamics and use a digital asynchronous communication infrastructure.
Applicants should have
* a strong interest in bio-inspired hardware engineering;
* the ability to work independently;
* good skills in programming C and Matlab;
* basic knowledge of neural networks and machine vision;
* fundamental notions of microelectronics and/or neuroscience.
Contact: Giacomo Indiveri (
See for details.

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