Applications are invited for a 3 year PhD Studentship in Computational Neuroscience in Professor Silver’s Laboratory, Research Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London, UK. The studentship covers fees and provides a stipend for UK and EU nationals.

The project will explore signal processing in cortical networks using biologically realistic models. This will involve using an advanced software tool, neuroConstruct created in the Silver Lab, for constructing biologically realistic neural networks in 3D space ( Development of large scale network models will also require software development, particularly in a parallel computing environment. The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary team of experimental biologists, physicists and computational biologists.
Related papers include:
1) Gleeson, P. Steuber, V. and Silver, R.A. (2007). neuroConstruct: A tool for modeling networks of neurons in 3D space. Neuron, 54, 219-35
2) Mitchell SJ, Silver RA. (2003) Shunting inhibition modulates neuronal gain during synaptic excitation. Neuron. 38, 433-45.
3) Steuber, V., Mittmann, W., Hoebeek, F.E., Silver, R.A., De Zeeuw, C.I., Hausser, M. and De Schutter, E. (2007). Cerebellar LTD and pattern recognition by Purkinje cells. Neuron 54, 121-136.
4) Traub RD, Contreras D, Cunningham MO, Murray H, LeBeau FE, Roopun A, Bibbig A, Wilent WB, Higley MJ, Whittington MA. Single-column thalamocortical network model exhibiting gamma oscillations, sleep spindles, and epileptogenic bursts. J Neurophysiol. 2005, 93(4):2194-232.

Applicants should have excellent software development skills and a good degree in mathematics, computer science, physics or biological sciences. Previous experience in neuroscience is not required but would be an advantage. Applications should include a CV, the contact details of two referees and a short statement of research interests. These should be sent by email to Angus Silver (

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