A new postdoc position is available at INRIA (Odyssée project-team, Sophia Antipolis) and INSERM (U751, Marseille).
Investigation of the fluctuations of neuronal activity during epileptic discharges and comparison with the states of a neural mass model.

The project takes place within a collaboration between INRIA and INSERM on models for the interpretation of multimodal datasets (MEG, EEG, fMRI). The goal of this project is to build computational models for the generation of multimodal data, in order to (i) gain a better understanding of the impact of the different parameters of neuronal activity on simulated non-invasive measurements (ii) use neural-mass-type models in an inverse problem of source estimation from MEG/EEG/fMRI.
For more detail
Contact: christian.benar_at_univmed.fr or Maureen.Clerc_at_sophia.inria.fr
Deadline: fall 2008

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