Evolved Machines Inc. is actively looking for brilliant researchers who want to join us in developing a new generation of neural machines capable of performing real world olfaction, visual object recognition, and sensorimotor control.
Doctoral-level academic research in for example evolutionary robotics, neuroscience, virtual reality computation, or electrical engineering are all appropriate, but the absolute requirement is that the study of synthetic neural circuitry and its application to devices is what candidates would do if they did not have to work.

All positions combine software development of neural simulations with participation in prototype device development.
Active projects with team-member positions presently available:
• The simulated growth of neural circuitry
• The synthesis of a real-world neural olfactory system prototype
• The synthesis of a neural visual system for object and scene recognition
• C++ and C# – based GPU programming support
Send examples of your work, whether publications or school projects, along with resume and letter of introduction to:
or to
Evolved Machines, Inc.
470 Ramona Street
Palo Alto, California 94301
Attn: Paul Rhodes, PhD

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