Application deadline; February 29th, 2008
Lecture Course: July 28 – August 8
Internship: June 25 – August 20

Every summer, RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Wako, Japan; nearby Tokyo) organizes the international summer school. The short summary of the summer school this year is attached below. Application guideline, further information of the coming and past summer schools and etc are on the above URL.
The summer school program has two types of applications. One (“Lecture Course application”) is to attend the lecture course. The other (“Inernship application”) is to have a two-months intership in one of laboratories at RIKEN Brain Science Instiute in addition to the attendance at the lecture course. In both types, financial support for travel and accommodation will be considered for those without external funding.
For questions, please send any general inquiry not to me but to the adminstration or organizing committee of the summer school shown in the above summer school URL, while you can send inquiry to me if it is specifically about my laboratory (lab URL:
2008 Summer Program
Developmental Foundations of Brain Function and Dysfunction
Advances in our understanding of the mechanisms of neural development have made significant impacts on broader areas of brain science. These areas include studies of neural plasticity and neuropsychiatric disorders, and improvement of therapeutic strategies for nervous system damage. This year, the RIKEN Brain Science Institute has organized a series of lectures by leading scientists that emphasize the links between the molecular and cellular bases of neural development, plasticity, dysfunctions and repair.
2008 Summer Program Lecture Schedule
[Invited Lecturers]
Silvia BUNGE (UC Berkeley)
Eric COURCHESNE (UC San Diego)
Marie FILBIN (Hunter College, CUNY)
Lawrence GOLDSTEIN (UC San Diego)
Elizabeth GOULD (Princeton Univ.)
Masanobu KANO (Tokyo Univ.)
Pat LEVITT (Vanderbilt Univ.)
Randolph NUDO (Kansas Univ.)
Hideyuki OKANO (Keio Univ.)
Hitoshi SAKANO (Tokyo Univ.)
Akira SAWA (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Stephen SMITH (Stanford Univ.)
Lawrence ZIPURSKY (UC Los Angeles)
[Special lecturer]
Sandra BLAKESLEE (Science writer)
[BSI Speakers]
Teiichi FURUICHI (Lab. for Molecular Neurogenesis)
Atsushi IRIKI (Lab. for Symbolic Cognitive Development)
Hiroyuki KAMIGUCHI (Lab. for Neuronal Growth Mechanisms)
Hitoshi OKAMOTO (Lab. for Developmental Gene Regulation)
Keiji TANAKA (Lab. for Cognitive Brain Mapping)
Kazuhiro YAMAKAWA (Lab. for Neurogenetics)

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