Software Lead for Stanford’s Neurogrid Project
Brains in Silicon Lab / Clark Center / Bio-X

Stanford’s Department of Bioengineering seeks to hire a software engineer or computational scientist in the laboratory of Dr. Kwabena Boahen to lead the software thrust of the lab’s NIH-funded Neurogrid project. The project’s goal is to make it easy and affordable for neuroscientists to perform simulations at a scale that can link cellular-level mechanisms to the system-level functions that they enable, thereby accelerating progress in brain research. You will join the team designing and building Neurogrid, a specialized hardware platform that will emulate (simulate in real-time) a million neurons in the cortex, together with an extensible graphical user interface and scripting language for (re)configuring the neurons’ properties and visualizing their activity. Achieving seamless software-hardware interoperation will require the software and hardware thrusts to collaborate closely.
Qualifications: BS in Computer Science (or related discipline) and at least four years experience as a software engineer is required. A MS or PhD in the sciences or engineering is preferred. A background in professional scientific computing with specific expertise in human-computer interaction is a strong plus. Excellent oral and written communication skills are essential for this collaborative project.
For information about Neurogird, see
To apply, visit and enter 23676 (the Job ID) in the keyword search—or click on the link below.
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