Journal of Computational Neuroscience
Submission deadline: December 15st, 2009

Edited by Alexander G. Dimitrov, Aurel A. Lazar and Jonathan D. Victor
Methods originally developed in Information Theory have found wide applicability in computational neuroscience. Beyond these original methods, novel tools and approaches have been developed that are driven by problems arising in neuroscience.
A number of researchers in computational/systems neuroscience and in information/communication theory are investigating problems of information representation and processing. The goal of the special issue of the Journal of Computational Neuroscience is to showcase the latest techniques, approaches and results in this area.
The subject of the papers must fit the Aims & Scope of the journal, and must in particular not be purely methodological but also illustrate results that advance our understanding of brain function in a broad sense. The papers must contain new material, but we encourage the authors to also include review material to help the reader fully understand the context of the study.
Papers that include experimental work are especially encouraged. Submission is open to all as long as it fits the above criteria. The papers will go through the standard review process, with the same criteria as for normal articles submitted to the journal. They will be further reviewed for relevance to the special issue by the guest editors listed above.
At submission, please indicate in comments that you wish to be considered for this issue.

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