Journal of Neuroscience Methods publishes papers dealing with new methods or significant developments of recognised methods, used to investigate the organisation and fine structure, biochemistry, molecular biology, histo and cytochemistry, physiology, biophysics and pharmacology of receptors, neurones, synapses, and glial cells; in the nervous system of man, vertebrates and invertebrates – or applicable to the clinical and behavioural sciences, tissue culture, neurocommunications, biocybernetics or computer software.

The journal publishes full-length research papers, short communications and invited critical reviews; articles should be written in sufficient detail to allow others to verify the above methods, however they should also be intelligible to a broad scientific audience. Articles should be submitted to one of the two co-Editors-in-Chief, in accordance with the country of the submitting author. Submission of a paper to the Journal of Neuroscience Methods implies that it is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.
Impact factor: See the Scientific Journals Table
ISSN: 0165-0270
Issues per year: 18

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