The Alice and Jack Ormut Ph.D. Program in computational neuroscience of the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC) at the Hebrew University is now accepting applications from foreign students.

The mission of the Alice and Jack Ormut Ph.D. Program at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC) is to train students to address computation and information processing – both in the brain and in advanced intelligent devices. The Program, which is targeted to exceptionally qualified students from diverse academic backgrounds, is designed to allow students to supplement their knowledge in areas in which they lack adequate academic training. The Program offers an advanced interdisciplinary curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to conduct ground-breaking research.
The program provides students with expertise in:
• Neurobiology – the relationships between the physiology and anatomy of the nervous system to its function and techniques used in modern research.
• Physics – theory of dynamical systems with applications to neural networks, computation and learning.
• Computer science and engineering – signal processing, statistical learning theory and information theory.
• Psychology – with an emphasis on cognition, memory and perception.
Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in any field with an average of 85 or higher, or those who have completed a master’s degree in any field, are eligible to apply to the doctoral program. Foreign students must have equivalent grades and degrees. Admission is contingent on the approval of the Program’s admissions committee.
Candidates should send the following information by electronic mail to Ms. Ruthi Suchi, the administrative director of the ICNC (icnc(at)alice(dot)nc(dot)huji(dot)ac(dot)il):
1. Current CV
2. One-page statement of scientific interests and objectives
3. Two or more letters of recommendation
4. Transcripts from each university attended
5. Proof of English proficiency (required only for non-native speakers of English, details can be found
The deadline for applications is March 31.
Tuition for overseas students is approximately $4,000 per year for the first two years. Accepted students are entitled to a fellowship (which amounts to an annual stipend of approximately $10,000) and partial support towards tuition. Fellowships are made possibly by the generous support of the Alice and Jack Ormut Foundation.
For further information, see or contact Prof. Israel Nelken (director of the program), at israel(at)cc(dot)huji(dot)ac(dot)il.
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