Topic: The control of the hyper-redundant flexible arm movements in the octopus.
Starting date: Immediately
Language requirement: English

PhD students and postdocs are sought for research at the Weizmann institute and at the Hebrew University on the control of the hyper-redundant flexible arm movements in the octopus as a basis for the development of flexible robotic arms. The work involves different computational and experimental aspects including the kinematic analysis of octopus movements, the development of kinematic and dynamic models and investigations of the control strategies used by the octopus in the control of unconstrained, grasping and contact tasks and the development of suitable neural networks and computational models. These research topics involve the use of behavioral, neurobiological and computational approaches. However the amount of emphasis on experimental versus computational approaches will differ depending on the specific project, the students/postdocs background and interest, etc.
The research work will be part of a work of a EU funded research project led by a computational motor control scientist and neurobiologists within a research team composed of neuroscientists and roboticists working on the project. Interest in neuroscience and specifically in motor control, biomechanics and robotics are preferred but individuals with knowledge and educational background in computational neuroscience and neuroscience in general, physics, applied mathematics, computer science, engineering (mechanical, biomedical, electrical), bioinformatics or related areas may also apply.
Programming skills are expected.
A description of the work of the team and prior publications can be found in
Please send your CV and contact information to Tamar Flash (tamar(dot)flash(at)weizmann(dot)ac(dot)il). If you have any questions related to the project, please don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Tamar Flash by e-mail.

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