The University of Pennsylvania offers state-of-the-art training opportunities for students interested in computational and systems approaches to neuroscience.

Candidates admitted to either the Psychology or the Neuroscience graduate program have the opportunity to join laboratories whose research programs combine experimental and computational approaches in systems neuroscience. Tailored graduate coursework as well as colloquia and journal clubs guarantee an excellent education of depth and breadth.
Representative faculty include:
Geoffrey Aguirre: neural basis of high-level vision
Vijay Balasubramanian: models of early visual processing
David Brainard: models of color and surface perception
Yale Cohen: auditory processing in cortex
Diego Contreras: representation of information in cortical networks
Russell Epstein: navigation and scene perception
Alan Gelperin: olfactory processing and learning
Josh Gold: neural basis of perceptual decision making
Joseph Kable: neuroeconomics
Michael Kahana: neural mechanisms and models of memory
Javier Medina: neural basis of motor learning
Isabel Muzzio: neural basis of declarative memory
Michael Nusbaum: motor pattern selection from multifunctional networks
Larry Palmer: cortical circuits of early visual processing
Nicole Rust: neural basis of object recognition
Marc Schmidt: neural basis of vocal behavior
Rob Smith: function of retinal circuitry
Alan Stocker: probabilistic models of perception and cognition
For more information, please visit:
Penn Neuroscience (Deadline Dec 8th):

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