The Computational Physiology Laboratory (CPL) at Cornell University is seeking a full-time postdoctoral research scholar interested in theoretical models of sensory processing, with emphases on olfactory systems, perceptual learning, and neuromodulation.

The CPL is an interdisciplinary environment in which theoretical models are developed to integrate experimental approaches ranging from cellular and in vivo electrophysiology to behavioral measurements of the top-down regulation of perceptual processes.
The successful candidate will be an experienced experimental and/or computational neuroscientist. Responsibilities will include NEURON programming of biophysically constrained neuronal and network models of the olfactory system, as well as opportunities to be trained in and use a variety of computational and experimental techniques. The ability to work across multiple levels of analysis is particularly valuable.
Please submit an application package including your complete CV, a statement of research interests, reprints of (or links to) your most important scientific publications with a brief statement explaining the importance of each and your specific intellectual and practical role in the work, and contact information for references. Please send your application package electronically to both Thomas Cleland (tac29(at)cornell(dot)edu) and Christiane Linster (CL243(at)cornell(dot)edu).
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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