The Neurosciences Institute ( is seeking postdoctoral researchers in computational neuroscience. The successful candidate will be working with a team of researchers to create large scale spiking models of the mammalian nervous system controlling a robotic device.

Candidates should have a background in neuroscience, previous modeling experience, and strong programming skills. Experience in any of the following is highly desirable: spiking neural models, neuroanatomy, neural plasticity, parallel computing, and robotics. A wide variety of research areas will be of interest, including but not limited to: sensory processing, neuromodulatory systems, corticothalamic interaction, decision making and reward, brainstem and spinal cord function, and motor control.
The Neurosciences Institute is an independent, not-for-profit scientific research organization dedicated to furthering our knowledge of the biological bases of brain function. The Director of the Institute is Dr. Gerald M. Edelman, who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1972 for his studies on the structure and diversity of antibodies. The Institute hosts thirty to forty scientists engaged in theoretical and experimental neurobiology. It is located within walking distance of other major centers of neuroscience, including The Scripps Research Institute, The Salk Institute, and the University of California San Diego.
Salary is dependent upon relevant experience; a full benefit package is available. Send C.V. and cover letter to The Neurosciences Institute, 10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive, San Diego, California 92121 or e-mail to jobs5(at)nsi(dot)edu.

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