Postdoctoral and/or laboratory assistant postions are open in the Retina Group at the University of Pennsylvania to study synaptic physiology and information-processing of neural circuits in mammalian retina.

Facilities are available for recording from retinal slices or from neurons in the intact retina while presenting sophisticated visual stimuli. Results from these approaches, together with synaptic and neurochemical studies, are integrated into computational models to understand principles of neural coding and the limits of circuit performance.
The postdoctoral fellow will collaborate with other members of the group and may undertake projects in computation, physiology, or both. Candidates should have experience in retinal circuitry, synaptic physiology and/or computational neuroscience.
Recent refs:
Borghuis BG, Sterling, P, Smith RG (2009) Loss of Sensitivity in
an Analog Neural Circuit, J Neurosci 29:3045-3058;
Smith, RG, Dhingra NK (2009) Ideal observer analysis of signal
quality in retinal circuits, Prog Ret Eye Res doi:10.1016/j.preteyeres.2009.05.001
The positions are available starting in July, 2009 with salary commensurate with experience. Applicants should submit CV and references to:
Robert G. Smith (rob(at)retina(dot)anatomy(dot)upenn(dot)edu)
Research Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania

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