The summer school is directed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, computational neuroscience, mathematics, computer sciences and engineering, who wish to combine a theoretical approach to neurodynamics with practical experience in neuroimaging (MRI, EEG, TMS, fMRI-EEG, & EEG-TMS).

A successful approach to cognitive neuroscience and neurodynamics requires knowledge of both modelling and neuroimaging techniques. The objective of the CINN Summer School is to bridge the gaps between these fields, and to provide students with a practical understanding of both the brain and some of the cutting-edge methods to investigate it.
The summer school is organised from the 7th to the 16th of July. It will start with a 2-day course delivered in partnership with Brain Products on combined fMRI-EEG, and combined EEG-TMS, including theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations using the facilities in CINN. The third day will provide boot strap sessions aimed at bringing all students up to speed with basic concepts in cognition, cognitive neuroscience and mathematics. In the following week, students will be given the opportunity to attend a series of lectures and tutorials by some of the leading personalities in their fields, including a guest tutorial by Prof. Walter Freeman. Classes will touch upon the following themes: emotion, inverse models, language, neural synchrony, neurodynamics and non-linear dynamics.
Detailed program to be announced soon. More on the practical fMRI-EEG and EEG-TMS demonstrations here:
Registration to the summer school is now open. Attendance is free. Participants will be selected on the basis of the expected gain from the summer school. Registration for practical demonstrations (fMRI-EEG, and EEG-TMS) is limited. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any grant for travel or accommodation.
To apply, send to cinn(at)reading(dot)ac(dot)uk by 15th of June, midnight GMT: your curriculum vitae and a one-page pdf document describing a) your research interests, b) your experience in neuroscience, computational neuroscience and mathematics, and c) your motivation to apply and how the summer school could help you in your research. Applications will be reviewed by the steering committee, and students who have not been selected will be given the opportunity to enter a waiting list.
Classes will be hosted at the University of Reading. Practicals using MRI, EEG and TMS will be hosted in the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN). The CINN is an interdisciplinary research facility where cutting-edge research meets world-class facilities: a research-dedicated 3T Siemens Trio MRI scanner, MR-compatible EEG recording systems (Brain Products), and a MR-compatible TMS delivery system (Mag & More, and Brain Products).
More info:

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