Graduate student positions positions are available in the area of medical engineering. Students with research interests at the interface of electrical engineering and biology are especially encouraged to apply.

Topics include:
o modeling of epileptic seizures (from abstract network models to detailed biophysical models);
o neural implants for seizure suppression (from control/game theoretic analysis to hardware design);
o diagnosis of brain disorders, from EEG and other brain signals (Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy);
o graphical models and nonparametric statistical models for analyzing electrophysiological data (e.g., spike sorting and decoding);
o principled statistical models for merging different brain imaging modalities (EEG/MEG/fMRI/DTI/single-unit recordings/etc.).
The research is conducted in collaboration with partners at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, MIT, and MGH/Harvard.
Graduate student applicants will pursue PhD.s in Electrical Engineering.
Please send detailed curriculum vitae, statements of research interests, three references and relevant publications (if applicable), electronically, to:
Prof. Justin Dauwels
Nanyang Technological University
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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