Candidates for postdoctoral research in theoretical neuroscience are welcome at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Candidates must have advanced training in quantitative sciences (e.g., computational neuroscience, physics, applied math., computer science, and engineering) with preference to those with research experience in computational neuroscience.
The postdoctoral fellows will work at the groups of Haim Sompolinsky and/or Idan Segev, with possible collaborations with experimental groups.
Research fellows are expected to work on issues concerning the dynamics and function of neuronal circuits, including: structure and dynamics of cortical columns, inhibitory-excitatory balance in cortical microcircuits, synaptic plasticity and learning, and spike-based neural codes. Fellows will receive full stipends, travel funds and assistance in housing. Starting date is flexible.
Interested researchers are invited to send their CV as well as a short research statement
By email to: haim(at)fiz(dot)huji(dot)ac(dot)il or idan(at)lobster(dot)ls(dot)huji(dot)ac(dot)il , and they should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the above addresses.
The ICNC is a vibrant center of training and research in computational and system neuroscience. It consists of theoretical and experimental groups working on a broad range of topics including in vitro an in vivo studies of cerebral and cerebellar cortex, primate motor systems, sensory processing in rodents, cognitive neuroscience, and theoretical neuroscience. For more information please see Postdoctoral fellows will benefit from the interactive environment at ICNC, its advanced computing facilities, weekly seminars, annual retreats, international workshops, and advanced courses.

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