Template matching is a popular method in spike sorting, mostly employed in the overlap resolution task. Several algorithms have been proposed during the last 5 years, some of them featuring online implementations.

Selected publications follow:
Zhang et al. Spike sorting based on automatic template reconstruction with a partial solution to the overlapping problem. J Neurosci Methods (2004) vol. 135 (1-2) pp. 55-65
Rutishauser et al. Online detection and sorting of extracellularly recorded action potentials in human medial temporal lobe recordings, in vivo. J Neurosci Methods (2006) vol. 154 (1-2) pp. 204-24
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Ding and Yuan. Spike sorting based on multi-class support vector machine with superposition resolution. Medical & biological engineering & computing (2008) vol. 46 (2) pp. 139-45
Franke et al. An online spike detection and spike classification algorithm capable of instantaneous resolution of overlapping spikes. Journal of computational neuroscience (2009) pp.

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