An example of a spike sorting task using ‘nev2lkit enhanced‘ tool.

Nev2lkit acts as a preprocessor for the extracellularly recorded data, extracting neural waveforms (i.e. spikes) from the continuous time series. Nev2lkit enhanced features user-customized optimization of the time-window used during the spike extraction procedure.

Consequently, Nev2lkit employs Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in the spike sorting task, for the low-dimensionality representation of the neural data (spikes). Nev2lkit enhanced features the ability of applying different principal component subsets during the spike sorting procedure. In every step of this process, the variance (%) captured by each subset of the principal components is displayed.

During this demo, three active neurons are identified using sample extracellular recording data.
You may find more details about the ‘nev2lkit enhanced’ here.

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